Commodity: Contracting & Consulting

  • Programs Include:
  • Detailed statistical modeling for your principal commodities to take advantage of market lows in contracting
  • Establishing longer term contracting solutions for commodities including beef, pork, chicken, dairy, food oil, grains, wheat and energies
  • Establishing contracting mechanisms for difficult to manage risks including natural gas, fuel surcharge, interest rate and currencies
  • Choices in contracting tools that can cap the upside of the market and let you participate in the downside
  • In depth monthly customized analysis and forecasts for your principal commodities
  • Tutoring for your supply chain team on commodity fundamental, technical and statistical analysis
  • Internal and external conference calls including board, franchisee and supplier meetings
  • The Maloni Report: Daily Commodity Commentary and Daily Contracting Recommendations

Longer term contracting has become more difficult to obtain, expensive and complicated to say the least. Volatility has added more risk to the markets where a misinformed contract buy (or sell) can cost a company millions of dollars. Our consulting programs take the "guessing game" out of contracting through detailed statistical, fundamental and technical market modeling. Program fees vary upon workload and can be performance based. In other words, we only make money if we save you money.

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